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Bret Eric Porter was in HBO’s WestWorld, playing opposite Ed Harris and James Marsden. Prior to that he played the engineer, Pollack, in the sci-fi thriller by Henry Dunham called, The Awareness which catapulted into the sci-fi blogsphere with reviews on sites such as 'Geek Tyrant', 'Mighty Mega' and many more. AND he returned to join Henry as a gritty Lieutenant in his latest film produced by Cinestate entitled, The Standoff At Sparrow Creek in theaters January 2019.  
In addition he just finished the lead role in a  new drama shot in the barren plains of Utah and Death Valley called ManBox, releasing into the festival circuit late 2019; he landed a recurring role in Soiled Doves, a sci-fi western tv pilot that finished shooting in 2018. And he just finished co-creating a TV pilot called Back Of House, which he also stars in, set for release early 2020. 

From an extensive stage background Bret has taken on such roles and plays as Hamlet, The Death Of Bessie Smith, Valene in Lonesome West, Tracy Lett’s Bug, (which happens to be from his native Oklahoma) Orphans, and most recently Steve in Craig Wright’s, Grace. He’s a classically trained actor moving into TV/Film and loves the transition from stage to camera.
Relentless in his pursuit! 





Bret Eric Porter 

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